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My Own La-La-Land ♥

Let's Dream of Forever and a Day ü

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iAm » ArCy, Filipino :)
iSpeak » Tagalog, English and a little Japanese :)
iDescribe » If I were to describe myself, I'm tall with fair skin. Large (but not very huge) Chinese-like eyes. Acceptable nose and lips. And my personality is humurous, patient, moody, optimist,ambitious and talkative :)
iLove » Animes! They make my day :)
» Sweet foods! Especially when I'm stressed :)
» My Piano! I'll play it with ease... someday :)
» Cute things! I'll go 'hanyaan!' when I see cute things :)
» My family, friends! Of course, I suuper love them :)
» GOD! He is the best! I love you Bro :)
iHate » Ampalaya! Sooo bitter :)
» Liars! Who would not? I don't go with people who I don't trust :)
» Dirty places :)
iWatch » Anime! I already watched 37 :)
» Korean Drama! Sometimes, if the story is interesting
» Documentaries! I'm a person that want to know more about anything :)
» Movies! Especially if the genre is romance :)
iRead » Manga! Yep. very much :)
» Light Novel! Some light novels that are translated :)
»Fanfiction! My addiction :)
» The Twilight Saga! Team Jacob and Edward! :)
» Proses! If I have many time :)
» BIBLE! I really love LORD! :)

Different Jewels. Different Values.


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